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Conversations with leaders, champions, and luminaries


Inspiring women, empowering stories. 


From politicians to spacewalkers, entrepreneurs to scientists, Olympians to artists, Canada 150 Women profiles the achievements and struggles of groundbreaking female role models like Deepa Mehta, Elizabeth May, Cindy Blackstock, Michele Landsberg, Lisa Charleyboy, Julie Payette, Louise Arbour, Evelyn Hart, Hayley Wickenheiser, Lise Watier, and Kim Campbell. Candidly sharing personal and professional moments, interviewees discuss how feminism has changed in their lifetimes, offer advice to women embarking on their careers, and set forth their bold visions for Canada. A must-read book at a crucial moment in history, Canada 150 Women shines a bright light on the lives and achievements of Canadian women, and offers inspiration for all.

There is a lot of fight in this world and there is a lot of right in this world. I choose to be inspired by both.
— Hayley Wickenheiser, Hockey legend & CEO
Canadian women need to understand and defend their rights. They have to be players. The biggest risk in a country like Canada is complacency.
— Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister
Women are using feminist values to create wealth and social change, including in technology and capital markets.
— Barbara Orser, Professor, University of Ottawa
We raise ourselves by lifting others.
— Janet Bannister, Entrepreneur & Investor

Inspiring Women, Empowering Stories.